According to the Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan is home to over ten thousand non-profit organizations. In total, these non-profit organizations receive over 40 Billion NT dollars worth of donations every year. Yet, over 80% of these donations go towards larger sized non-profit organizations. This causes small and medium size non-profit organizations, because of their lack of reputation or marketing ability, receive a limited amount of donations.

Since its establishment in 2010, Taishin Charity Foundation has aimed to support small and medium sized charitable organizations. In order to achieve that goal, Taishin Charity Foundation launched Taiwan’s first large scale online charity event, called Your Vote Determines the Power of Love. This event begins by inviting charitable organizations submit project proposals to the project website. Internet voters then vote for organizations which they believe contribute the largest positive impact. Lastly, funds are distributed based on the allocation of votes. As a result, this event not only allows small and medium charitable organizations receive funding and aid, but also provides publicity to participating organizations, as organizations are required to present their proposal to the online community as a component of the event.

Based on the feedback received from charitable organizations and voters who participated in the event, Taishin Charity Foundation decided to increase the scale of the Power of Love. As the event continues to grow, Taishin Charity Foundation has invited event partners, Taishin employees, as well as the general public to donate funds for the Power of Love event, expanding the scope of social service events in order to reach and assist a larger number of people in need.